Episode 44

Published on:

18th Sep 2020

Top 5 ways to tune in and track your desire

Coming at you live with another learning curve Top 5 takeaway in 30 minutes or less.

Finding your way to your desire requires a number of the principles we teach at the Big Self School. It requires a calm center and, paradoxically, the courage to put the ideas into practice. Whether you think you know your desires, but want to reconnect to them, or you simply have no idea, this book can help you realize your way to a deeper and more authentic connection with yourself and what you truly want.

Desire leads you out. Paying attention to your longing — whatever name you give it — leads you to life. Desire is there even if you aren’t sure where it went or how in the world you will access it again. Desire may go dormant as you play all the ready-made roles that adulthood throws at you, but it’s there even in dormancy, steady as a heartbeat, ready to be resuscitated.

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