Episode 21

Published on:

4th May 2020

Risk, versatility, and naming what you want with Kim Shumpert

Kim Shumpert talks with us this week about a new model of female leadership. Kim was selected to serve as the Executive Director for Chattanooga Women’s Leadership Institute (CWLI) in May 2018. Kim twice served as an executive director working with underserved women and children. And she reminds us that when women thrive, everyone thrives.

There has been such a tremendous amount of suffering either directly or indirectly from this pandemic. So much fear and uncertainty, and so much loss. This is a time where we should be mindful of the unprecedented reality shaping so many people’s experiences in tragic ways. At the same time, there are opportunities from the trials themselves. Kim tells us what can we as a society be learning through this “great pause."

More about Kim:

As an adopted Arkansan, she worked with multiple foundations and nonprofits across the state serving on the Arkansas Community Foundation Board, the Craighead County Community Foundation Board, Rotary Club of Jonesboro Board and the Arkansas Nonprofit Alliance Board. She is a member of the recently convened Chattanooga Nonprofit Alliance and Covid19 Community Task Force focusing on recovery efforts for the nonprofit sector. She and her husband, Brad, are leaving a legacy of strong female leadership for her two daughters. They live on Signal Mountain. 


1:26 We begin the podcast by talking about a recent Forbes article that highlights how female leaders in many countries are rising to the occasion.

6:42 Next we talk about the juxtaposition that Kim has observed in the male brain and how the leadership of men and women work together.

12:09 We shift the conversation and Kim tells us about her own personal leadership journey.

16:42 Kim talks about the ups and downs of being an Enneagram 3 in terms of her leadership journey and career.

20:41 Competition is a theme we're seeing lately in our conversations and we dive into that and how it affects women.

26:11 Kim talks about what women are fighting for, instead of against.

30:43 We discuss the challenges that women have in the workplace--getting promotions and having their leadership styles valued by the patriarchal institution.

35:19 Vulnerability in the workplace--a double-edged sword. How can we use vulnerability in a positive way as a leader?

42:45 We ask Kim how she and her family are surviving and thriving in this new normal.

45:05 We shift to the new normal. How will values shift? Who defines what these values should be?

49:37 We wrap up with our 3 questions. Kim tells us what book she's reading, about her morning routine, and what Big Self means to her.

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