Episode 31

Published on:

7th Jul 2020

Learning Curve: Shining a light on the shadow side

On this week's episode we shine a bright spotlight on the shadow side that would rather lurk behind the scenes of our personalities. Do our shadows want to be left alone, or are they begging to be heard and leak out in uncomfortable ways?

We ask: How can you completely and wholeheartedly accept who you are if there are sides of yourself that you’re too afraid to explore?

The keyword here is “integration,” which comes from the Latin word integratus, meaning to make whole. To integrate an inner quality is to take ownership and responsibility for it, rather than rejecting or denying it. The benefits are many: sanity, healing, greater compassion, calmness, understanding, and wholeness are all to be found in integration.

We also leave you with five specific ways to learn more about these other sides of yourself, and what to do about it when you become aware. It's not easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. Thanks for tuning in and being a part of the Big Self School of higher learning.


0:28 We begin our conversation by talking about the shadow and why it's so important to be aware of it as we're seeking self-knowledge.

4:04 The shadow, defined.

6:55 We talk about the persona as the opposite of the shadow

11:05 We share a Robert Green quote about how we're seeing people play out their shadow sides in this divided political climate.

16:32 The first of 5 questions we can ask to help us uncover our shadow.

21:03 We introduce the second and third questions

24:09 What do you want? That's question #4.

25:36 The fifth action we can take to understand the shadow.

28:30 We wrap up by mentioning a few books to help you shine a light on your shadow.

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