Episode 72

Published on:

27th Jun 2021

Hot Seat Session: An Enneagram Type 4 Gets Real

Shelley and Chad aren't going to ask anyone else to do what they aren't willing to do themselves. In this episode, Shelley puts Chad on the hot seat. What has the Enneagram taught him about himself? What insights has it led to for personal growth? Where is he aware he still has work to do? What's so special about an Enneagram 4 (sexual subtype) anyway? Will Chad crack under the pressure? All this and more on today's special Enneagram deep dive.

Time Stamps:

3:35-How fours need to think they're special

9:37-Overview of the heart, head, and body types

11:40-How sadness shows up for fours

13:08-How learning the subtypes really helped in understanding exactly who Chad was

17:40-How authenticity feels for a four

22:40-The issue of inferiority versus superiority

26:17-Dealing with the humility of failure

45:50-The growth path as Chad currently sees it

54:13-The arrows in growth and stress for a four

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