Episode 80

Published on:

6th Sep 2021

Enneagram 4s Go Deep on Authenticity, Envy, and Empathy

Today we speak with Shay and Amanda, along with our very own Chad. We all know how special Fours are, and how much they fear being anything but ordinary. But it's not every day we get to hear the perspectives from two self-preservation subtypes and one relational (one-to-one) subtype at the same time.

We discuss what it's like being a heart type as our center of intelligence, how the subtypes really opened up our self-understanding, and the concept of envy. Fours are constantly feeling what they're missing both consciously and unconsciously.

Fours highly value authenticity. They are also image focused, but not in a self-absorbed way as some may think. The lens is turned in on themselves a great deal. They have superpowers with empathy, but sometimes when they turn the introjection upon themselves, they can become moody or melancholic, even angry, as they take on the feelings and impressions from others.

We discuss all this and much more on this week's Enneagram Four episode.

Time Stamps:

1:54--Shay Bocks introduces herself

4:05--Amanda introduces herself

7:36--Chad discusses how he knew pretty much right away that he was a Four, but it was discovering the subtype that really helped

11:00--Amanda talks about how it is as a heart type being married to a body type

17:20--Amanda agrees with Shay about the image focus of the fours and how it manifests

22:50--Amanda picks up on what Chad said about the way he had become angry among his peers when he wasn't being recognized for his value and contribution. She discusses how you just want to feel like there's a place for you in the world.

27:10--Shay helps us understand the concept of introjection by beginning with the more commonly understood idea of projection

36:18--The masochism comes in for the Fours when they take on the emotions of everyone else and with no clear outlet

45:47--Chad discusses a growth path that he is currently on

46:46--Shay starts with her growth path and Amanda follows (they encourage everyone to check out the CPEnneagram with Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes)

49:10--Shay talks about her meditation of a burning bush

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