Episode 82

Published on:

19th Sep 2021

Enneagram 6s Talk Second Guessing, Fear, Dealing with Authority, and Trust

Today we speak with Suzy Anthony, Marta Gillilan, and Roger Coles.

We discuss what it's like getting into the heads of Sixes. Sixes are sometimes named the Loyalist, and sometimes the Skeptical Troubleshooter. Their archetype centers on a person who seeks security and certainty, but ironically often doesn't find it. Of all the personality types, Sixes are the most loyal to their friends and their beliefs and ideas. At the same time, it's easy to break trust with them if you don't pass their sniff test. And they do find themselves testing others even when they don't always consciously realize it.

They tend to look at all scenarios in order to locate potential problems. They ask lots of questions, and look for weak points. Sixes are always aware of their anxieties and are looking for ways to construct security supports. In today's episode we have three Sixes--one for each subtype (we think). These Sixes are vulnerable and open about what it's like to be them, and the work they've done on themselves to work on their growth paths.

We discuss all this and much more on this week's Enneagram Six episode.

Time Stamps:

:52--Suzy introduces herself

2:20--Marta introduces herself

5:30--Roger introduces herself

8:12--Talking the head type center of intelligence and the voices in their heads

19:42--How they test their reactions

24:42--Struggling to trust

31:53--Struggling with fear

34:09--Marta opens up about her experience in dealing with cancer with both her parents and with her husband

39:40--Sixes are great truth-tellers, and how do they step into their courage

46:58--Shelley confuses Hamlet for Frodo

55:12--Shelley asks each Six to discuss one thing they're working on

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