Episode 28

Published on:

1st Jun 2020

Embrace the suck and build empathy with Sabrina Moon

Sabrina Moon joins us to talk about what she means by “embracing the suck.” But why is it so hard? Is it a fear of losing control? A need for a positive spin on things? If we embrace the suck, are we somehow giving in to it? 

We know that shame is not an effective tool for changing people’s behaviors. In this strange time of shared vulnerability and shared accountability people are operating from so many different value systems. We depend on each other in profound ways right now, yet we aren’t all operating from the same rule book. How can we co-exist without resorting to shame? 

Sabrina offers practical ways to deal with the challenges we're facing with the constant anxiety of the pandemic ordeal. She’s described COVID-19 as vulnerability on steroids. She tells us what she's seeing right now, and how we can acknowledge this vulnerable time without being consumed by anxiety.

With a Masters Degree in Engineering Management and more than 20 years of combined experience as a railroad operations and manufacturing leader, Sabrina is an expert in leveraging leadership skills and qualities in corporate and non-profit settings. She is one of Dr.Brené Brown’s Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitators who believes that being ourselves is one of the bravest things we could do. Sabrina helps individuals tap into their courage as a powerful tool for organizational growth.


2:21 We open up the podcast by talking about "embracing the suck".

5:54 Sabrina gives us her thoughts on Covid-19 and how we can embrace the suck without getting consumed by the fear.

9:28 The conversation moves to the meaning of authentic leadership and Sabrina's path that led her to become an authentic leader, as well as others reacted to her change in leadership style.

14:45 We ask about the turning point in her career that began her journey to authentic leadership.

19:54 How can someone begin to shift their mindset before reaching the point of burnout or failure? 

24:40 We shift the conversation to talk about Sabrina's work with shame resilience.

29:29 We get vulnerable and talk about some really raw feelings. We also discuss holding people accountable without using shame as the tool to do that.

35:34 We ask Sabrina what big lesson we should all be learning through this great pause.

38:02 Sabrina talks about empathy as a skill and how to develop it.

42:01 We ask Sabrina what she wants to hold on to from our experience with Covid-19 and what she wants to go back to normal.

44:28 We wrap up by asking Sabrina what she's reading/listening to right now, what her morning routine looks like, and what Big Self means to her.

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