Episode 25

Published on:

18th May 2020

Creating new beliefs and shifting mindsets with Camille Kennard

Being an observer of your experience

Camille Kennard is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She began her career as a social worker for a decade, counseling people with chronic medical conditions and providing grief counseling to patients and families. The inspiration for her business Flourish Wellness came from her desire to help people avoid chronic disease and illness through learning to nurture themselves as part of their lifestyle; body, mind, and soul. This passion came from her own journey with managing weight, improving her confidence, and learning to love and care for herself. 

She talks about her struggles with anxiety throughout her life, and that a tremendous freedom comes when you can de-personalize it, when you can say “hello” to anxiety and know it’s there without the continued stories. What are the “continued stories” people with a lot of anxiety have? And how do you stay calm and just observe anxiety when it begins to take hold? Tune, and discover with us some of the answers to strengthening your sense of self and holding on to what matters.


2:41 Camille shares how she got into the work she does at Flourish Wellness through her own struggles.

5:33 We ask Camille how she sees the cultural conditioning that women face with their body images show up in her work.

10:01 Camille talks about the inner work she walks with her clients through before getting to the outer work like food and exercise.

14:34 Camille describes the spike in stress levels she's seen with her clients in this Covid-19 reality.

18:27 We discuss the stories that play in our minds. Camille talks about depersonalizing these narratives that run through our psyche.

22:30 Camille talks about "standing at the door of your mind" and tells us some practical ways to put it into practice.

27:07 The conversation shifts to the outer-work piece of the puzzle. We ask Camille how she helps her clients begin that process.

32:00 We talk all about sleep. What can we do to create better sleep habits for ourselves and our families?

40:56 Camille tells us that things she wants to be normal again after this pandemic experience, and what she wants to hold on to

43:50 Camille tells us what book she's reading, what her morning routine looks like, and what 'Big Self' means to her.

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