Episode 59

Published on:

27th Dec 2020

Completing the whole person with Breslin and DeMarco

We talk about shifting your mindset into a lifestyle of sustained, healthy practices. From meditating to journaling, hot and cold water therapy to the outer impact of what we're doing to the planet, this conversation packs a punch. It's the very end of a wild and difficult year and this episode leaves you with lots to process and be hopeful for as we veer into a new year. Will it be a whole new you? Why not you?

Janna Breslin was born and raised in Southern California and is a former pharmaceutical representative for one of the leading Pharmaceutical companies in the world. After battling multiple health issues and realizing she could heal herself with food and nutrition, she discovered a passion for helping others achieve optimal health. Janna is now a well-known fitness model, certified personal trainer, health coach, and nutrition expert.

Evan DeMarco is a leading sports medicine and nutrition expert, published author, public speaker and frequent guest on television, radio, and digital platforms. Evan returned to school to study bio- and organic chemistry and went on to develop a vastly improved formula for prenatal supplements delivered in liquid form after finding out he was going to be a father. From there he worked to develop numerous ingredient technologies to improve brain function in infants, children and adults. 



Time Stamps:

2:14 Evan explains epigenetics 

3:44 Evan shares the four pillars of epigenetics 

6:33 We discuss radical responsibility 

9:04 Our ego and radical responsibility 

12:16 Evan and Janna share how to establish and maintain good habits 

14:17 The impact of reframing the idea of habits as creating a lifestyle 

16:07 Janna and Evan share their why and how they connect it to their daily practices

19:55 The impact of stress and suggestions to modify your lifestyle to decrease stressors 

21:53 Evan shares some scary stats about social media consumption and the impact it’s having on our stress levels and our health 

27:41 Janna and Evan share more about the inner work they do and how it translates into their outer work 

34:09 We talk about the practice of gratitude 

36:42 Janna discusses empaths and shares her recommendations for recharging 

39:40 The power of the negative ions of water for empathic people 

43:56 Evan shares about the children’s book he just published and about how the proceeds are going to fight human trafficking 

47:54 Where to find Evan and Janna 

48:07 Evan shares about their product line and their mission

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