Episode 86

Published on:

17th Oct 2021

7 steps to transformation through grief with Barbara Dalle Pezze

This week we speak with Barbara Dalle Pezze. Barbara is a speaker, author and seminar leader with two decades of experience living and working in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Canada, and the U.S. Barbara works to inspire others, especially entrepreneurs and leaders, to reconnect with their purpose. She does through helping them make mindset shifts and breakthroughs, which in turn helps their teams and organizations effectively create large scale changes. Barbara is a member of the Leadership Development Faculty for the Aisa Pacific Region at a top global financial institution, and visiting professor at FSU, Beedie School of Business (Vancouver, Canada), where she teaches Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at the MBA program. She has also recently published an inspirational memoir, The Unexpected Gift

Today she speaks with us about her journey through a sudden and traumatic divorce. It's about how she picked up the pieces and turned her life around in a foreign country, piece by piece.

Time Stamps:

3:39--Always something exceeding our reality

7:40--The seven steps begins with owning your story

10:30--Radical friends

13:13--Clarity of mind

15:00--Barbara is a doctor of Philosophy in Ontology

16:40--The idea of "reality testing"

17:37--Listening to the body

21:40--Partnering with mentors

25:20--The idea of finding mentors in books

27:00--Forwarding the future

35:40--Leadership begins with being a leader to yourself

39:00--How do you work with leaders who are hesitant to admit to their blind spots

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